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I, An Actress Special Digital Edition Available Now!

October 25, 2011 By: Category: Press

Hi everyone! Did you know I’m a writer? I’m a writer. And a few years back, I wrote two novels. I’m pleased to report that the second one, I, An Actress: the Autobiography of Karen Jamey, is now available on all Kindle reading devices for only 99 CENTS!

And that’s not all! Many years ago, when I originally released the book, I ended up cutting out a chapter. The print version always felt a little naked without it, so I have restored the missing chapter for the digital edition!

AND THERE’S STILL MORE! In addition to the full text of I, An Actress and the special bonus chapter, you will also get an additional essay from the one and only Karen Jamey herself, entitled, “Karen Takes on James Frey!” Very timely!

Want to buy it? Of course you do. It’s almost less than nothing for one of the funniest novels ever written. You can buy it right here!

Baby’s First March

October 17, 2011 By: Category: Greatest Hits, Opinions, Politics

Baby and Daddy, fighting the power.

My wife and I took our 10-month old daughter Zellie on the Occupy LA march over the weekend. It was a very peaceful, if somewhat subdued moment of people coming together to express their common frustration with the state of our country. I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity; I know the coverage of Zuccotti Park tends to focus on the punks and hipsters, but every age and walk of life was represented at Occupy LA. I would even say it skewed old. Turnout felt somewhat sparse when I was in the thick of it, but the local news estimated the crowd was between 10 and 15,000 strong, which sounds like a pretty impressive figure to me. Zellie did not seem that impressed, but the only thing that really excites her at this age is bananas.

It was the first march I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve always been more of a complainer than a protestor. My civil disobedience mostly takes the form of snarky Facebook status updates and rambling emails to my friend. That’s not a typo, I really only have one friend. My only real involvement in politics to date consisted of attending the Ralph Nader rally at Madison Square Garden in 2000 (Tim Robbins showed up as Bob Roberts! Don’t worry; no one got it then, either) and making a few hours worth of phone calls for Obama in 2008.

Oh, I also went to see George Bush Sr. speak in high school, but that was for a girl. The President was on a Whistle Stop train tour that whistled to a stop 20 miles from my hometown, and the highly crush-worthy Julie C. invited me to join her family at the station. Under those kinds of circumstances, how could I refuse? You show me a guy who won’t drive 20 miles to watch the President wave from a sweet-looking vintage train with the girl he wants to bone and I’ll show you a guy who doesn’t believe in America. (more…)