Awkward Press

Independent publishers of imaginative fiction and daily meditations on the ridiculousness of the universe.


logo-black-125x125 Awkward Press was founded in 2009 with one simple goal: to print imaginative fiction by incredible writers at an affordable price. The oft-repeated credo “write what you know” has given us a world of literature where we already know everything we read. Awkward Press believes in writing what we don’t know. And if we already know it, we believe in drinking to forget.

At Awkward Press, we believe imaginative fiction shouldn’t be confined by genre limitations. There are countless worlds running parallel to ours that are worth exploring. They might look the same as our world. They might operate by the same rules. They may be filled with recognizable names and places. But inside all of these worlds is something that’s just a touch out of place. Something … awkward.

In Awkward Press’s publications, we strive to showcase works by talented artists who choose to create outside the realm of traditional publishing. As the major publishing houses latch onto flavor-of-the-month trends in search of the next blockbuster, readers must turn to smaller houses to find writing that’s risky, original, and alive. And that’s what Awkward Press is all about—bringing a sense of adventure back to reading. Exploring the fringes of literature. And selling our releases for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

In addition to our printed works, Awkward Press showcases new fiction and mixed media works at our website, More than just a marketing tool, our website is constantly updated with videos, music, and readings that you can’t find anywhere else. We welcome new members to our extended community, in the hopes that today’s readers will be tomorrow’s writers.

Awkward Press is a joint pursuit by three young entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds: Jeffrey Dinsmore, co-founder of indie noir publisher Contemporary Press and author of the novels Johnny Astronaut (as Rory Carmichael) and I, an Actress: the Autobiography of Karen Jamey; Clay McLeod Chapman, creator of the notorious Pumpkin Pie Show reading series and author of the short story collection rest area and the novel miss corpus; and Kyle Jarrow, OBIE Award winning playwright and composer and founder of New York cult legends The Fabulous Entourage.

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