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Awkward How-To: Extract Audio from a .mov File

October 07, 2010 By: Category: How-to

Every other day, it seems like I’m wasting hours of time trying to figure out how to do something that should be relatively simple. This morning, I recorded a podcast over Skype with our good friend Mike Segretto of Psychobabble fame. Awhile back, I downloaded a Skype recorder because I was doing a lot of interviews, so I Skyped over to Segretto, pressed record on the thing, and voila, conversation recorded.

Problem is, the conversation was recorded as video. A .mov file, to be exact. After we were done talking, I imported the file into Audacity, a great free sound-editing tool. I plugged my headphones in to start editing it, and a horrible piercing squeal shot through my brain. I know my voice sounds weird when it’s recorded, but I had a feeling something had gone horribly awry.

After 2 hours of poking around, I finally found the simple solution, which I am going to share with you now, in the hopes that others who are having the same extremely specific and probably totally uncommon problem will stumble upon this post and save themselves from the seven levels of message board hell that I just had to wade through.

How to Extract Audio from .Mov Files Using iMovie ’09

1. Go to File->Import->Movies
2. Locate your .mov file and import it.
3. Drag this clip to your project window.
4. Go to Share->Export using Quicktime
5. In the “Export” box, choose “Sound to Wave”
6. You can now import the file into iTunes or Audacity or Garageband or whatever it is you use.


6 Comments to “Awkward How-To: Extract Audio from a .mov File”

  1. If I may…

    Audacity is a great program. Another great program is QuickMediaConverter. The process is as simple as browsing to the file you want to convert and then choosing the output format.

  2. Amazing. Thank you!

  3. this was so helpful, thank you!

  4. Great Tip, thank you.

  5. I had just started wading through seven pages of “message board hell” myself when I went back and opened your page. It was exactly what we needed, thanks!

  6. Lazlo Woodbine says:

    2 years later and this post is still brilliantly helpful. Thank you.