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Awkward Podcasts #3: Brand Monsters

October 29, 2010 By: Category: Greatest Hits, Podcasts

Awkward Podcast #3 comes just in time for Halloween. I wrote this spoooooky monster story for the “Will Wright Reads …” event the other night. The event took place in a restaurant, so even if you were there, this may be the first time you’re able to hear it.

Brand Monsters

Music totally stolen for this podcast:

“Throw Aggi from the Bridge” by Black Tambourine
“Globetrotter” by The Tornadoes
“Adventure” by Be Your Own Pet
“Meniscus” by This Mortal Coil
“Count in Fives” by The Horrors
“Atlantis to Interzone” by Klaxons
“Sex Your Corpse Up” by the Psychos

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