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Check Out The Big Time Show on The Big Time YouTube

January 23, 2012 By: Category: Friends, Videos

I have been meaning to post this for like weeks now but have not had the time on account of how I’ve been on my annual month-long holiday crystal meth bender. But now I’m back and feeling better than ever … I mean, I can’t find about seven of my teeth, but that’s fine, I have plenty of pudding.

The point of the post is that my friends Dave & Gabe have a show on YouTube and it is soon going to be exploding with content. So get in now, on the ground floor, so in 2 months when your friends are all like, “dude, you have GOT to check out The Big Time Show,” you can be all, “what, you mean some future episodes that haven’t even been made yet? Because I’ve known about that shit like forEVER.”

The first episode is below; you can check out the entire hilarious series at Spread the love! Share the laughs! Live the lie!

Congratulations to The Debate Society!

November 09, 2010 By: Category: Friends, Videos

We’re pleased to announce that our friends The Debate Society were just named “The Best Argument for Devised Theater” in The Village Voice‘s Best of 2010 issue! This means two things: 1) the entire city of New York agrees that the Debate Society is the coolest theater group they’ve ever seen and 2) by extension, Awkward Press is the best thing in America. So thank you to the editors of The Village Voice! We’re truly honored.

If you’d like to see The Debate Society’s work, you must hop on a plane and go to New York City. Theater is a type of entertainment that must be experienced in a live setting. That is how it works. However, if you’d like to see what kind of stuff this rascally group of rascals gets up to and cannot afford the plane ticket, you can check out the wonderful short film “grand marshal,” directed by Debate Society founder Oliver Butler and starring other Debate Society founder Paul Thureen.┬áDid I mention that the film is based on the short story by Awkward cofounder Clay McLeod Chapman and is available in the iBooks version of Awkward Two and on a special edition DVD, only from It is! Watch it for free below! And then buy a copy for your home collection right here!

grand marshal from Awkward Press on Vimeo.

R&R Salutes Bill Murray

September 16, 2010 By: Category: Friends

Painting by Candace Jean

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to our friends at R & R Gallery for their write-up in the LA Times today. They’re having an art show dedicated to Bill Murray this weekend which is a brilliant idea and I so, so wish I could be there. If you’re in LA, get there early ’cause this shit is gonna be PAAAAACKED.

Mr. Bill Murray Opening
Friday, Sept. 17

R&R Gallery
929 E. Second St., Suite 106
Los Angeles, CA 90012

And now they’re on TV! Nice work, dudes!

View more news videos at:

A Message from Poland

September 09, 2010 By: Category: Friends

The front gates at Auschwitz.

My sister-in-law, Haley, is in Poland right now. She’s a television producer, and she’s over there working on some sort of fancy TV thing that is most assuredly beyond my understanding. The other day she toured Auschwitz, and she sent back an incredibly moving email about her experience that I would like to share with you. She was kind enough to let me post it on the blog; it’s long, but it’s well worth your time.

Sunday my coworker Lindsey and I went to Auschwitz. It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive from Warsaw but we had a driver from the film company take us – and we paid him. It was much easier than taking a train to Krakow and transferring. It probably would not have been possible in one day.

When we arrived, there was a very distinct smell. I have heard about this but I guess you never believe it until you get there and to be honest I actually forgot about it – and was taken aback when I got out of the car. I am not sure exactly why the smell is there… but my imagination went a little wild. I expected my entrance through the gates to be traumatic – but it was not. There was too much chaos with all of the tour buses and language barriers. There were groups from all over the world – probably 1-2 thousand people… and they were so “matter of fact.” – as if they were going to a museum. Yes it is a museum – but obviously much more than that for us. I didn’t want to force my emotion and I was finding it difficult to take it in, as I had hoped, on my own. I wished all of the noise and camera flashes would have just stopped for a moment so I could put myself in the shoes of our Jewish ancestors who had entered these gates sixty something years ago. (more…)

Check Out the New Psychobabble

August 10, 2010 By: Category: Friends

Blogging is hard, thankless work. Especially when movies like Julie and Julia come out. It seems so easy! Just come up with a topic, write a little something every day, and the book and movie deals will stream in!

Personally, I have not found this to be the case. I’ve maintained a number of websites in my life. Before blogging was a phenomenon, I had the Sweetly Mysterious, a collection of meditations on whatever. Then I moved on to, which has a backlog of about 1,000 entries that are read by about 2 people a day, at most. I figured this website might get some traction, being essentially a personal blog under the guise of a company effort, but no dice. Of course, we have the occasional phenomenon, (like everything Clay writes), but for the most part we’re slogging along with somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 readers a day.

Which is fine. I’m not checking my friends’ blogs every day, either. You really have to go the extra mile to make me want to keep refreshing you throughout the course of the day, and I know I haven’t exactly been Mr. Dependable when it comes to updating. I often find myself torn between the enjoyment I get out of writing my blog posts and my need to make a dollar or two every now and again. I suppose if I was smart about it I could eliminate my personal life and make the blog the fulltime gig, but I guess I just like to drink too darn much.

But we have product, and at the end of the day, all I’m really concerned about is having blockbuster sales of Awkward Two when it’s finally released. If I get a few hundred hits on a post, it’s a nice feeling, but it’s really just a means to an end.

For some people, however, blogging is more than just a promotional tool: it’s the perfect venue for the kind of writing they do extraordinarily well. One of these people is my good friend Mike Segretto. His website Psychobabble is smart, funny, and incredibly engrossing. His features on classic albums and monster movies never fail to astound me in their depth of knowledge and their pure entertainment value. He recently moved the website over to WordPress, and I highly recommend you swing by for a few hours to check it out. Guaranteed to blow your mind out of your ass and back again.

Dance Magic Dance

July 22, 2010 By: Category: Friends

We see you by Kube

Our friends over at R & R Gallery recently put together a show of art inspired by the movie Labyrinth. Full disclosure: I was not a Labyrinth fanatic as a child. That movie and The Goonies sort of washed over me. I liked them both when I saw them, but they were not movies that we owned and watched on repeat, and therefore, I am not one of those many people my age for whom these movies bring up wonderful memories of staring at a television. (The movies we owned and watched on repeat, FYI, were My Bodyguard, Fame, Flashdance, Purple Rain, Airplane!, and Caddyshack. Please note that none of these, with the exception of My Bodyguard and maybe Airplane!, are really kids’ movies. I don’t know what lesson can be gleaned from this information, but I do know it’s very interesting and you are glad I told you.)

Regardless of my connection with the movie Labyrinth, R & R’s show looked 100% dope and fresh. You can check out the goods here. And buy a piece of your very own here. Artastical!

Clay Is in Richmond Noir

April 21, 2010 By: Category: Friends

Hooray! Clay is going to be in one of Akashic’s famous Noir anthologies! Details:

I was fortunate enough to have a new short story of mine selected for Akashic Books notorious regional noir anthology series. You can read all about my hometown in “Richmond Noir” with my story the battle of belle isle, which Virginia Living Magazine called “…a hard blow to the reader’s solar plexus.” Can’t beat that!

Plus there’s a forward by none other than Richmond ex-pat Tom Robbins!

You can pick up your own copy here: Akashic Books

Or at Amazon: Richmond Noir

To celebrate the release of “Richmond Noir” here in New York City — a handful of authors will be reading their stories at the uh-mazing KGB Bar next Thursday, April 29th. Come out if you can! Books will be on sale!

Thursday, April 29th — 7 PM
“Richmond Noir” Reading
at the KGB BAR
85 East 4th Street (btn 2nd and 3rd Avenue)
Second Floor
Featuring readings from contributors Clay McLeod Chapman (rest area), Tom De Haven (It’s Superman!), Conrad Ashley Persons, Hermine Pinson, and David L. Robbins (Broken Jewel).

Hope you can make it. If not — buy the book! Southern fried noir… It’s about time!

Take care,

Go to the party! Buy the book! Be a mensch!

Bikes Can Work

January 27, 2010 By: Category: Friends

Matt's bike.

My good friend Matt recently started a blog to discuss practical street biking. I realize this has nothing to do with publishing, but it’s a pretty fascinating topic for those who like the idea of making bikes your primary mode of transportation. I recently picked up a used bike from a friend for $50 and I’ve been trying to use it as much as a I can. It’s kind of scary careening around the streets of Los Angeles on a bike, ’cause suckas sure don’t like sharing the road. I haven’t had any real problems so far, though, and it sure is an easy way to get free exercise.

That is all. Now get back to work on your story, please.

The Art of Library Science

September 03, 2009 By: Category: Friends, stories

From Matt:

Conversation just now at the library:

Matt: I’m looking for Anne Frank’s Diary.
Librarian: Is that the title of the book?
Matt: It’s actually called “Diary of a Girl.”
Librarian: And who is the author?
Matt: Um, Anne Frank.
Librarian: Is it a children’s book?
Matt: … Are you fucking with me?



August 24, 2009 By: Category: Friends

From Matt:

Just witnessed a broadside hit and run. Dude in a huge pickup blasted through a stop sign and smashed into the driver’s side of a Porsche, then took off screeching down the side street. Dude in the Porsche was fine; wild that the airbag stopped it all.

There were maybe six of us who witnessed it. But the craziest part? The front license plate from the truck fell off on impact so it was right there in the street.