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Dance Magic Dance

July 22, 2010 By: Category: Friends

We see you by Kube

Our friends over at R & R Gallery recently put together a show of art inspired by the movie Labyrinth. Full disclosure: I was not a Labyrinth fanatic as a child. That movie and The Goonies sort of washed over me. I liked them both when I saw them, but they were not movies that we owned and watched on repeat, and therefore, I am not one of those many people my age for whom these movies bring up wonderful memories of staring at a television. (The movies we owned and watched on repeat, FYI, were My Bodyguard, Fame, Flashdance, Purple Rain, Airplane!, and Caddyshack. Please note that none of these, with the exception of My Bodyguard and maybe Airplane!, are really kids’ movies. I don’t know what lesson can be gleaned from this information, but I do know it’s very interesting and you are glad I told you.)

Regardless of my connection with the movie Labyrinth, R & R’s show looked 100% dope and fresh. You can check out the goods here. And buy a piece of your very own here. Artastical!

1 Comments to “Dance Magic Dance”

  1. You played the Lucasfilm Labyrinth video game. While you may not have been as big a fanatic of the film as I was, I definitely remember you getting wrapped into it pretty tightly for at LEAST one day (I can’t remember how long that game took to finish, it may have been one of those marathon weekends or something… and I’m not certain we ever made it past the Cleaners).

    I’m just sayin’.