Awkward Press

Independent publishers of imaginative fiction and daily meditations on the ridiculousness of the universe.


You guys are idiots. Why are you starting a publishing company?
Because daddy got a great severance package from AIG and we’ve got some money to burn.

Wait … what?
No, just kidding. We’re regular old writers who are scraping by as best as we can. We started this company because we believe that there’s a portion of the reading public that’s being underserved: people like us, who enjoy reading stories that are both well-plotted and artistically written.

What kind of stuff do you print?
Imaginative fiction. That doesn’t mean science fiction and fantasy, although we’re not necessarily opposed to either of those genres. Every writing class will tell you to “write what you know,” but we prefer to write about what we don’t know. We love reading meditations on life … we just don’t really want to print them. We like stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

What’s the point of this Website? is a place where you can get to know our writers and learn about interesting events that our writers and friends are involved in. We know a lot of people who don’t get the credit they deserve, and we’d like to do our part to help those people make a living doing what they should be doing. Also, you can buy our things here.

I’m a writer. Do you want to read my children’s book or cookbook or memoir or religious manifesto?
We’d love to! Please send all manuscripts to ATTN: Dave Eggers.

Don’t be a dick. I’m a writer who actually has something that I think would suit you guys. Would you read it?
Not yet, but soon, we’d like to take open submissions. Be patient. We’ll post all info about submissions on the website.

Can you give me some relationship advice?
Sure! Send us your questions via the contact form in the menu bar. We’ll answer your questions on the website, as long as you promise to take our advice.

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