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Magic Quotes

February 25, 2010 By: Category: Site Notices

A free copy of Awkward One goes to the first person who can tell me why double quotation marks are added every time I use a blockquote in WordPress. Example:

””””””This is a single quotation mark.”””””” “This is a double quotation mark.”

Any php smarties out there?

Update: Nothing is actually happening to the double quotes, the apostrophes are being changed into double quotation marks. That is the real problem. Like so:

Mark said, “I love the part where Juliet””””””””s all ””””””””Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”””””””””

Update Update: Ack! More quotation marks are being added every time I edit the post! See that first quote up there? That started out as a single apostrophe before and after “This” and “mark”.

Also note: nothing is happening in the regular post, it””””s only in the blockquotes.

Update Update Update: WRONG! It”s happening everywhere! Haaaaaalp!

Update Update Update Update: Je l’ai! It’s fixed! No one wins the book. (FYI: No one really tried to win the book.)

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