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My Conan Promo Is Live!

August 30, 2010 By: Category: News, TV

Over the two years that Awkward Press has been in existence, I’ve written a lot of posts about all the awesome things my partners Clay and Kyle have been doing. Because they do truly awesome things, like getting a story in Akashic’s Richmond Noir collection and releasing classic rock n’ roll records. Well, I’m proud to report that I finally have some bragging of my own to do. About a month ago, a company I work with in LA called Roger was tapped to do some promos for the new Conan O’ Brien show on TBS. I wrote up a bunch of ideas, and one of them got picked. Within days, the crazy-talented guys at Roger had whipped up a sample video. They asked me to come in and do the voiceover, thinking they’d be asked to put together a more complete version with real actors later.

A week goes by, and the TBS people call them up to say, “Hey! We love it! Thanks!” The Roger guys (none of whom are named Roger, BTW) ask them when they’d like the final version, and TBS says, “This is it! We’re done!” So airing on TBS right now is a promo for Conan O’ Brien that I wrote and narrated. I feel like a high school girl in Passaic who just got asked to prom by the orangest juicehead in New Jersey!

The sound is a little tough to decipher since we did it with a USB mic in iMovie (!), but there you go! Modern advertising at it’s best. Check it out after the break!

Side trivia: The model in the spot is Roger’s beloved office manager Beth McClung. I don’t think she had any acting aspirations before this, but I could totally see her rocking Don Draper’s world on Mad Men. And everyone knows that aspiration is just as good as perspiration, right, Danny?

4 Comments to “My Conan Promo Is Live!”

  1. Woo! Congratulations! (and very cute)

  2. Fabulous! Fun idea and great voice work too ;)

  3. So awesome, Jeff! Congrats!

  4. Gabe Michael says:

    Rock on Jeff!