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Oh, How We’ve Grown

June 17, 2009 By: Category: Politics

Headline from the LA Times today:

Obama policy is outreach to gays

I haven’t actually read the article yet, because doing so would take time away from my bond trading hobby busy derivative trading schedule gun cleaning regimen. But I am strangely fascinated by this headline. It is referring to the administration’s new policy of giving equal rights to homosexual couples who work for the State Department. Which, I have a friend who works for the State Department, and she said she has coworkers who are a lesbian couple. When they are stationed in a new country, they always get stationed together. But the State Department must put them up in two different apartments. Which, you don’t think about the logistics of little things like that, but apparently that’s how it goes.

When I first read this headline, I wasn’t aware it was referring to a specific decision. I thought it was just saying that Obama had a personal policy of reaching out to gays. Like Oprah. There is something very funny about this headline that I can’t quite put my finger on. Help me out, people! Why is this headline funny?

2 Comments to “Oh, How We’ve Grown”

  1. Wait… Obama reaches out to gays like Oprah? Or, like Oprah, Obama reaches out to gays?

  2. Sorry, I should’ve said “like Oprah reaches out to Stedman.” That would’ve cleared it up!