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Oh, Oh Pinchot

October 21, 2009 By: Category: Heroes

Don't be redeckulouse, Coosin Lahry!

Don't be redeckulouse, Coosin Lahry!

I know you. You’re like, “wait, what? You disappear for weeks at a time and now you’re posting to tell us about Bronson Pinchot? What kind of a half-assed publishing company is this?” The answer is: a half-assed one. A thoroughly half-assed half-assed publishing company. With lots of books that still need to be purchased.

As I have said in multiple weepy apology posts, I am fully immersed in the world of green jobs right now and am falling behind in my Awkward duties. You would think Awkward was publishing this green jobs book, the way I talk about it. But no, this one is strickly 4 tha school kidz.

Anyhoo, the reason why I’m breaking my radio silence is because The Onion just did an interview with Bronson Pinchot that makes me love Bronson Pinchot forever. Here’s what he says about Tom Cruise:

He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, “You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?” I mean, his lingo was larded with the most… There was no basis for it. It was like, “It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.” Very, very strange.

Ha! I love that Tom Cruise would say, “It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.” I’m totally going to start using that. I have to go to the bank in a minute, and I think when the teller asks me how much I want to take out, I’m going to say, “I’d like $60, as long as no gay people are getting $60.”

This is awesome, too:

AVC: Eddie Murphy reportedly said after Coming To America that John Landis had a better chance of working with Vic Morrow again than with him. Was there tension between the two?

Vic Morrow is the guy who was killed in a helicopter crash during the segment John Landis directed for Twilight Zone: The Movie. Ha! You still got it, Eddie!

(Via HuffPo.)

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