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Put On a Red Light

September 10, 2009 By: Category: Uncategorized

From Matt, who is in Amsterdam:

The best part about the red light district is listening in on all the dudes egging each other to go in. One Australian guy was doing everything to get his friend to go in at the same time as him. Lots of back and forth later, the guy goes in alone and the rest of his friends go to a pub to wait. 15 minutes later the guy comes running up to the pub:

Guy: Give me €50.
Friend: Why?
Guy: I’ve done something bad. Give me €50.
Friend: What?
Guy: I’ll tell you later. Give me €50. Give me €50!
Friend: What?
Guy: Give me €50. I’ll pay you right back. I’ll go to the ATM. Just
give me €50. I’m not going back in. Just give me €50.
Friend: What is going on?
Guy: Just… Basically, I need to get my watch back.

2 Comments to “Put On a Red Light”

  1. “I need to get my watch back” should become Guy Code for “Just, seriously, I need to borrow some money right now.” I love it.

  2. He must have touched the bootyspot.