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Songs that Keep Cropping Up

September 02, 2010 By: Category: Lists

Dammit! Let me buy my apples in peace!

It’s quiet out here today. Meet the Authors is over. We’ve already met ‘em. Well, most of ‘em. Some of them would rather you meet them in the pages of Awkward Two, which is just fine. It’s a good place to meet people. Did I mention that we’ve soft launched? We’ve soft launched. The big push comes next week, but we’re taking orders. This is the part where I get a little nervous, the part where we start taking people’s money.

Well, we need something, to keep with this nice stream of traffic we’ve been generating lately. So I propose a list of songs that get in our heads in certain situations. For example:

- Every time I buy an apple at the farmer’s market, I get Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” in my head. (“Give me spots on apples/but leave me the birds and the bees.”)
- There’s a Fountains of Wayne song called “Seatbacks and Traytables Up” that cycles through my head whenever I’m on a plane.

That is a short list. Anyone else?

4 Comments to “Songs that Keep Cropping Up”

  1. No? Okay, no biggie.

  2. My first main job was actually as a Graphic Designer and I also had to dabble a little bit in html code so pretty much every single day “Dreamweaver” the song got stuck in my head because I was using Dreamweaver the program. I don’t see how either program and song got called “Dreamweaver.”

    Also, once in awhile I get “9 to 5″ stuck in my head when I have to come to work.

    *My work hours are way longer than 9 – 5pm.

  3. The song “The Wave” by Tanya Donelly has a lyric “My face has never been one to betray me, it lies when I need it to.” My friend Cindy always calls MySpace/Facebook “MyFace” (as her way of proving that she’s so cool she doesn’t even know what those things are). So, whenever I’m on Facebook, I get “The Wave” stuck in my head, which is fine, because I love that song.

    We have a restaurant here in Austin called Changos. I almost always sing the name of it, “Ch-ch-ch-changos!”

    There’s another way more ridiculous one, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. I just know I’ve laughed at myself recently for getting a song stuck in my head because it kinda sorta sounds like something I do, but I can’t remember what song it is.

  4. I used to think of (if not actually sing aloud) TMBG’s “Till My Head Falls Off” whenever I stood at my bathroom sink, thanks to the lyric, “Clearing my throat and gripping my lectern/I smile and face my audience/clearing his throat and smiling/with his hands on the bathroom sink.”