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Awkward One

You Want This Badly.

You Want This Badly.

Who let the WORDS out? Who indeed! This gorgeous collection of five imaginative fiction pieces makes an elegant conversation starter whether you’re riding the rails or immersed in your morning bath. Each piece has been lovingly handprinted and -crafted by machines at G & H Soho Inc., in the United States of America. The highly-framable cover of Awkward One features an eye-catching illustration from the pen of universally-beloved artist James Moore, printed in vibrant red ink on a bone-white background. Designed by the internationally-exalted New York graphic-artistry firm Rumors, the book has been precisely engineered to withstand years of the repeat readings that you’re certain to crave once you’ve sampled the arresting fiction contained within.

As you open the cover of Awkward One, be prepared to tumble headfirst into five unique and engrossing new worlds from the minds of Clay McLeod Chapman, Jeffrey Dinsmore, Kyle Jarrow, Honor Rovai, and Michael Cipra. During your trip through the salty brambles of Awkward One, you’ll meet such characters as:

  • Mrs. Havermeyer, a woman whose son gets up to some very naughty business;
  • Beatrice Throop, a girl on the verge of womanhood whose mother suffers from a thoroughly obnoxious malady;
  • James Fitzgerald, a young man with a knack for turning trash into art;
  • Jeff and Janie, a honeymooning couple who are about to experience a profound shift in consciousness; and
  • Caroline, a grieving mother with a deadly secret.

Retailing for less than the cost of a movie ticket in most major cities, Awkward One offers an unprecedented level of entertainment value in one stunning, convenient package. Fine ladies and gentlemen of the modern era, your coach to adventure has arrived!

Buy Awkward One right here for only $7.00! You’re welcome!


  • Price: $9.00$7.00
  • Dimensions: 8 inches [tall] X 6 inches [wide] X 1/4 inch [deep]
  • Weight: 3.8 oz.
  • Pages: 83
  • Release Date: September 1st, 2009

$2.00 will be added to each book for shipping and handling. Seriously, that’s how much it costs.

Please note: Paypal is no longer your only option! You may now purchase Awkward One on Amazon in hard copy for $9 or digital for only $.99! Thanks to everyone who helped us hit the sales goals that allow us to be on Amazon without losing money hand over fist!

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