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Awkward Two

25 authors, 33 stories + a FREE DVD … order below!

… whether pensive or inventive, there’s a surprise or two in every package – in practically every 33 of the micro-short stories – economically bubbling over the bounds of Awkward Two’s one hundred pages. An array of subject matter, themes, styles, tones, and characters are represented. Don’t like one story in this mostly hit, some miss, affair? Turn a page or two, flip on through – there’s another, and another…

- Gordon Hauptfleisch,

A must have for all thrill-seekers, pleasure-hounds, and word-fiends!

The villains at Awkward Press are at it again with Awkward Two, a collection of tales so fiendishly inventive they can barely be contained by the rigid boundaries of their wood-pulp prison. The experience begins with the glorious front cover, a charming take on the theme of “Brevity” that has been lovingly hand-penciled by illustrious illustrator Baarbarian. Peel back the cover and find yourself transported to an unexpected world in which pirates hold court over human resources departments, house painters become religious leaders, and ants show up in the most unlikely of places.

Awkward Two features thirty-three original short works by twenty-five of the modern world’s finest scribes in a package that is at once sophisticated and refreshingly humble. Designed by lauded New York graphics-artistry firm Rumors, Awkward Two is brimming with stories guaranteed to shock and amaze. Step inside its welcoming pages and immerse yourself in cracking-good tales of:

  • time-traveling hedonists!
  • sadistic lawyers!
  • tiny celebrities!
  • board-game characters come to life!
  • close encounters of the preteen kind!
  • heartbreaking machines!
  • gallivanting playwrights!

. . . and twenty-six other devilishly imaginative scenarios that must be read to be believed! A modest fee shall secure your passage aboard this chariot of delights … next stop, adventure!


Perhaps you’ve heard that the Lumiere Brothers have developed a technology for turning photographs into moving image displays. Motion pictures, if you will. Well, good ladies and fellows, we’re excited to announce that Awkward Press has acquired special access to this technology … and we have incorporated it into the Awkward Two experience! Purchase a copy of Awkward Two from, and you will receive a FREE DIGITAL VERSATILE DISC (DVD) featuring FILMED ADAPTATIONS of some of the stories from the book! (Experience some of these films for yourself at right now!) This DVD can be played on any home screening device and it’s only available with Paypal orders through!

There are four ways to buy:


$10 $7 + S&H

Includes free DVD!



Includes embedded video!

Kindle MOBI

on sale for $5.59

For the Kindle app on your smart phone or iPad … includes embedded video!










Featuring stories by:

Heather Clitheroe Matthew David Brozik Clay McLeod Chapman
Nadja Stokes Joshua Citrak Ben Langhinrichs
Shari D. Frost Paul Kavanagh Jennifer Gravley
Jeffrey Dinsmore Wayne Scheer Kyle Jarrow
Michael Cipra Lynnette D’Amico Robert Cole
Joanna Whitmarsh Ben Bush Greg Pierce
John Harrower James Veitch Bruce Harris
G.K. Wuori Rachel Lieberman Vinnie Penn
Joseph Carfagno

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