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Gorilla Man (Script) by Kyle Jarrow

gorillamanimage2Puberty is hard enough without the insatiable thirst for blood! Waking one morning to find thick fur growing on the backs of his hands, young Billy discovers the awful truth his mother has been hiding from him for fourteen years: he’s destined to grow up into a murderous monster. Cast from his home, he sets out on a journey to find his father, the legendary Gorilla Man. Combining a variety influences including horror films, picaresque tales, and glam rock, GORILLA MAN is a strikingly original new musical. It’s a pulse-pounding mix of comedy, concert, and carnival that explores philosophical issues of identity, ethics, and free will. It’s a darkly comic coming-of-age tale filled with bombastic pop songs and peopled with lonely freaks by Obie Award winning playwright/composer Kyle Jarrow.

“[Gorilla Man] is big, bloody, ridiculous theatricality… There’s a unity of vision and insanity that’s exciting.” –The New York Sun.

“Kyle Jarrow’s philosophical fable has an antic charm!” -Variety.

“This is a rock musical, and, dare I say it, a great one at that!” –Curtain Up.

“Kyle Jarrow is New York’s hipster playwright.” –The New York Times

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