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I, An Actress: The Autobiography of Karen Jamey by Jeffrey Dinsmore

actress-cover-small“Singer. Dancer. Burlesque club stripper. Gangster moll. Communist revolutionary. Screen legend Karen Jamey has worn a lot of hats in her time and loved more men than the staff of a Reno cathouse. From her auspicious beginnings on the Baltimore stage to her status as the reigning queen of the B-movie scene, hers has been a sordid journey.

With characteristic wit, candor, and cluelessness, Ms. Jamey reflects on the events that have shaped her into the beloved American figure she is today — her mother’s sad descent into hoboism, the untimely death and subsequent resurrection of her grandfather, the films that built her up, and the men that tore her down. Relentlessly doling out morbid humor and mercilessly skewering Hollywood cliches, I, An Actress is a rabid romp through the darkly funny underbelly of fame.”

I, An Actress is now available for digital readers at the low, low cost of $.99! Special Digital Edition includes:

  • original, unedited author’s cut of the novel (with an extra chapter not found in the print edition)
  • a special essay by Karen Jamey
  • 3 short stories by Jeffrey Dinsmore, including cult favorites “Faggy on the Streets,” “The Alcoholic Monkey Who Took Over My Mind and Turned Me Into a Cold-Blooded Killer,” and never-before-published “The New Words”








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