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Johnny Astronaut by Jeffrey Dinsmore

“In the future, disco is king. Johnny Astronaut is the story of a hard-boiled, hard-drinking P.I. who stumbles upon a mysterious book that changes his life forever. Caught between a vindictive ex-wife, a powerful crime boss, and a sinister race of lizard people, Johnny becomes embroiled in a warp-speed, hilarious adventure that stretches across space and time.”

(Note: Johnny Astronaut was written under the pseudonym Rory Carmichael, but trust us, it’s Dinsmore.)

- “It’s about time someone makes reading fun again! Rory Carmichael has put an original spin on an age old genre. If you like Iceberg Slim, Charles Willeford, Charles Bukowski, Fante, Jim Beam or Hank Williams you’ll love this book. If you don’t like those guys you’ll still like this book, trust me.

Johnny Astronaut is one of the most likeable losers in literature to date. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry. A truly hilarious read. On top of great writing there is an unusual plot twist that only newcomer Rory Carmichael could pull off. Mark my words, others will try but none will come close to the genius of Johnny Astronaut. A must read for those who are looking for something new and exciting. Nothing out there even comes close to this book, so I’m reading it again.”

- (written by one of the author’s friends on Amazon)

Johnny Astronaut is now available for all digital readers at the low, low cost of $.99! Special Digital Edition includes:

  • original text of Johnny Astronaut
  • over 70 pages of supplementary material by the man himself, Rory Carmichael








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