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Super Mirage Debut EP featuring Kyle Jarrow

sputnikalbumsmSUPER MIRAGE serves up a high-energy dance-ready indie pop. Taking their name from a 1970s French bicycle brand, they combine driving guitars and bouncing synths with influences from post-punk, emo, and electro — and more than a little Michael Jackson. They also draw inspiration from the two-lead-singer sound of bands such as The Clash and The Cars. It’s a soundtrack for a party at the end of the world.

It’s also a veritable supergroup: featuring Kyle Jarrow (of The Fabulous Entourage), Nathan Leigh (of Boston band A Thousand Ships), Drew St. Aubin (of aldenbarton) on the drums, plus the talents of bassist Arvi Sreenivasan.

They’re currently working on their first full-length record, Pretty Lies, slated for release in 2009. (This page has two rough mixes of songs from that record — “Dance Hall” and “What You Don’t Know.”) Super Mirage’s debut EP This Drama, released under their old name “Sputnik Sweetheart,” is currently available (the song “She’s Not Looking Back” is from that one)!

Available through MySpace!

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