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Swedish Dads Get 18 Months Paid Paternity Leave

September 01, 2010 By: Category: Opinions

I mean, c’mon. 18 months paid paternity leave. 25 work days minimum vacation. 2 weeks worth of public holidays. Universal health insurance. What else? Oh, maybe just a population full of the healthiest, happiest, and most attractive people in the entire world and PURE DOMINANCE of the pop hook! At what point do we admit that they’ve just got it figured out?

Okay, they’re more homogeneous than we are. They have way higher taxes. What else? It’s cold? I mean, you know that money doesn’t make people happy, right? Plenty of happy people who aren’t rich, plenty of miserable people who are. Some brain devil tells us that we would be different. Maybe other people are unhappy being rich, but I would not be. Well, I declare hooey! You would be just as sad and lonely as you are now. The only way money could ever make you happy is if it could buy you a machine that would let you travel back in time and murder your parents before they fucked you up.

The alternative to that kind of machine is a high quality of life. And all those things would go on my quality of life wish list. If it means I’ve gotta pay a little extra for it, so be it. I already give 60% of my income away to charity* ; why not just donate it to building a better society?

* I totally don’t give 60% of my income away to charity.


5 Comments to “Swedish Dads Get 18 Months Paid Paternity Leave”

  1. Also, they’re bad-ass metallists.

  2. Well, I would throw “mandatory military service” on your short list of Swedish cons, but apparently, that was suspended after 108 years this past July 1st. So, yeah, Sweden is pretty tight.

    Plus The Cardigans and ‘The Seventh Seal’ are the shit.

  3. Not just Sweden, Jeff. The U.S. is only one of four countries in the world that doesn’t offer any paid parental leave. And that list doesn’t just include industrialized nations; even poor, backwater nations like my homeland of Peru (I say that affectionately, of course) offer some kind of paid parental leave. Sure, it is not as generous as Sweden’s, but it’s at least something, which is a nice principle.

    But how can Swedes be such bad ass metallists when they have it so made? I mean free healthcare, free public transportation, subsidized preschool, ample time with both parents, and spanking isd against the law. Don’t you need angst to be a good metallist? Poseurs, maybe?

  4. Wow, even I want to be a Swedish dad…

  5. ChicaBoom, I think when you have it so made in the shade, you have a lot of spare time to dwell on the futility of existence. Hence angsty metallists and Bergman.