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The Radical, Cutting Edge Fashion of American Apparel

August 19, 2010 By: Category: Opinions

So, American Apparel is going out of business, or whatever. Okay! It happens. Clothing stores come and go, and we all know Dov Charney likes to beat-off in front of his staff, so good riddance to that guy. But here’s what I’m confused about: the media perception of what American Apparel is. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read that talk about American Apparel as if its clothes are some kind of crazy-trendy design, like Hypercolor or something. Like, from Salon today:

Ultimately, if [American Apparel] and Abercrombie sink, it will less likely be the fault of dubious business practices and “improper management” (although they sure don’t help) than the same thing that affects everybody in the world fashion – plain old changing tastes. There will always be young beautiful people who can get away with ugly tank tops, but frankly any company that’s in the “polyester high waist pleated pant” business has likely been on borrowed time from the get-go.

Am I confused about something? I thought the whole point of American Apparel was that its clothes are super basic and mix-and-match. They sell t-shirts and tank tops and zip-up hoodies in primary colors. Granted, they have chicks in giant, dumb-looking glasses in their ads and what not. I understand that their ads are hyper-stylized and trendy. But the clothing itself? It’s just, like, your most basic definition of clothes, right?

Also, for what it’s worth? I always thought their ads were pretty hot. Even the ones with chicks in giant, dumb-looking glasses. Don’t hate!