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Visit Lit Drift for a Free Copy of Awkward One!

October 30, 2009 By: Category: Press, Publishing, Site Notices

Still waiting to purchase that copy of Awkward One? Well, if you play your cards right, you might not have to! The good people at Lit Drift will be giving away ONE COPY AND ONE COPY ONLY of our precious gem of a book as part of their ongoing “Free Book Friday” contest. All you have to do is comment and you’ll be in the pot.

Even if you have already picked up your copy, Lit Drift is a great book site run by wonderful human beings and you must check them out right now because your life depends on it. Seriously. Lit Drift or death. What’s it gonna be?

If you enter the contest and are not picked, don’t despair. You can still totally buy one here. We have, like, 3 or 4 copies left.

Welcome, Honor!

August 20, 2009 By: Category: Site Notices

When people visit, they routinely ask one of two questions. The first is: “are there any zardoz boobs on this site?” The answer is no. The second is: “where the Hell is Honor? The guys on this site look stinky. We want Honor!”

Well, folks, I’m pleased to finally be able to appease the askers of the second question. Honor, as you may know, is in high-demand as the editor and writer of GotoTennis, the only tennis site worth reading on the WWW machine. After many months, however, I was finally able to convince her that we were a legitimate enterprise and that we weren’t going to steal her identity, even though I am technically writing this post under her name. (Hi! It’s Jeffrey. There’s some weird site snafu in which a person’s profile picture won’t show up until they write a post, forhence the reason I am writing this as Honor. I promise, Honor, this is the last time I will ever steal your identity. In America. Overseas is a different story.)

Honor is a great friend and an amazing writer who contributed a great, nail-biter of a story to Awkward One, which you should buy right now. Welcome, Honor! Pardon the odor!

Plugs Not Drugs

August 18, 2009 By: Category: Uncategorized

Anyone get their copy of Awkward One yet? If so, whaddya think? Please grade it on a scale from 4-5, 4 being “loved it,” and 5 being “planning to marry it.”

The Inside Scoop on Publishing

August 14, 2009 By: Category: Publishing

The Face of Modern Poverty

The Face of Modern Poverty

Hey there, friends. Since we put Awkward One up for sale, we’ve received a few questions. We’ve actually only received one question, and it’s not really a question. The question is: You guys are jackasses. Paypal sucks. I will not buy your book through Paypal.

Okay. Fair enough. But I thought I should come clean about why we’re only selling our book through Paypal. Amazon takes a pretty signficant chunk of the profits on every book it sells(55%.). Most indie bookstores sell books on consignment at a 60/40 split, meaning 60% goes to the publisher. Through a bookstore, we would collect $5.40 on each sale. Through Amazon, we would only make $4.05 for each sale. Between design costs, shipping, and printing, we paid about $5 for each copy. As anyone with a Harvard MBA like me can easily understand, selling a book for $.95 less than it costs to make is not a very smart business model.

However, The more we print, the more our costs go down. If we can sell 1,000 copies, the per copy price goes down dramatically, and the idea of selling on Amazon starts to make sense. But first, we need to make back our cost. And that will happen when we sell 300 copies.

I have made a deal to my partners that once we hit that number, we will put our book for sale on Amazon. This will give us legitimacy and a place at the table of books, the book table, where people eat books and sit on books and light books on fire in the middle of the table like literary candelabras. (What?)

So that, my friends, is the number that we are aiming for: 300. And if you’re thinking, “what the fuck? Why would I buy a book now when it’s going to be on Amazon soon?” I say this: it really doesn’t make a difference. The price for you will be the same either way. You do have to sign up for a Paypal account, which is, indeed, a slight annoyance. However, the good you will be doing in helping our fledgling publishing company get off the ground basically guarantees that God will find a place for you in Heaven. So, there’s that.

What I’m saying is: please buy our incredible book!