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Dance Magic Dance

July 22, 2010 By: Category: Friends

We see you by Kube

Our friends over at R & R Gallery recently put together a show of art inspired by the movie Labyrinth. Full disclosure: I was not a Labyrinth fanatic as a child. That movie and The Goonies sort of washed over me. I liked them both when I saw them, but they were not movies that we owned and watched on repeat, and therefore, I am not one of those many people my age for whom these movies bring up wonderful memories of staring at a television. (The movies we owned and watched on repeat, FYI, were My Bodyguard, Fame, Flashdance, Purple Rain, Airplane!, and Caddyshack. Please note that none of these, with the exception of My Bodyguard and maybe Airplane!, are really kids’ movies. I don’t know what lesson can be gleaned from this information, but I do know it’s very interesting and you are glad I told you.)

Regardless of my connection with the movie Labyrinth, R & R’s show looked 100% dope and fresh. You can check out the goods here. And buy a piece of your very own here. Artastical!

Awkward Movie Review: Moon

June 26, 2009 By: Category: Greatest Hits, Movie Reviews

I wish this was just a poster for the moon, instead of a poster for the movie Moon.

I wish there wasn't a movie called Moon and this was just a poster for how cool the moon is.

The moon. What is it? Is it a planet? A vegetable? A giant ball of space lint? These are the questions that have haunted man for decades, if not centuries. Thankfully, Moon has landed in a handful of theaters around the country to answer these questions, and more.

In answer to the first question: it is not a planet. It is a lifeless rock. They don’t even have trees. Who knew?

Here’s another interesting thing about the moon that I learned from this movie: once you’re on it, it’s not very easy to get home, even in the future. This is what the movie is about, how hard it is to get home from the moon. We can all relate to this problem. Imagine you’re at the bar and you’re ten miles away from your house and you don’t want to drive home because you’re pretty drunk but it’s really your only option. Now imagine that you don’t have a car and there are 250,000 miles (I looked it up!) of brain-exploding space between you and home. And you’ve been at the bar for three years. By yourself and without any alcohol. Now you know how scary Moon is, which is very scary indeed.