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Meet the Awkward Two Writers: Kyle Jarrow

August 09, 2010 By: Category: Meet the Writers

Awkward Two, a collection of 33 micro-short stories by 25 incredible writers, will be released to the public on September 27, 2010. (You can pre-order it right here.) Who are these incredible writers? Let’s meet ‘em! We sent the same 9 questions to all the writers. Here are their answers.

Kyle Jarrow

Next up–I’m posting these in the order I received them–we have the hardest working man in showbiz: Mr. Kyle Jarrow. I remember the precise moment I met Kyle. It was back in my old life in New York, when I used to perform experiments in laughter generation at comedy clubs. My shtick involved A) looking like a dork and B) singing songs with dirty words in them. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get laughs with this combination of attributes.

I was playing a show in this weird room in the lobby of the Gershwin Hotel. My soon-to-be girlfriend (and later-to-be ex-girlfriend) Becky Yamamoto also played the same show. After the show, I connected with this soon-to-be girlfriend with that “hey, you’re funny, I’m funny, let’s hang out” thing that only works when you do not bomb. Kyle had also come to see Becky perform that night – they worked together at PS 122, an experimental theater in New York. The first thing Kyle said to me was, “I’m in a band … maybe you could open for us some time.”

As an intro, “maybe we could open for you some time” might have been a little stronger. But I often say things off the top of my head that are accidentally incredibly insulting, so I let it slide. The next night I went out with Becky, and as we moved into what Paul Reiser calls Couplehood, I got to know Kyle. And his band, the Fabulous Entourage. Which, I must admit after all these years he was right … I was way more of a supporting act to their full-stage explosion.

When I say Kyle is the hardest working man in showbiz, I really mean it. This guy does not stop. He’s written several plays that are in almost constant production around the U.S., he’s in two bands with gigantic followings, and he somehow manages to squeeze Awkward into his off-time. Before we ever started Awkward, I was a huge fan: if Kyle had a production, I would be first in line to see it. I’ve seen the Fabulous Entourage play several times, not out of obligation, but because they are kick-ass musicians who put on an amazing show. I haven’t been lucky enough to see Super Mirage perform yet, but when they do their West Coast tour, I’m there.

I’ve gotten to be closer friends with Kyle since we started Awkward, and he’s one of those guys who I just never, ever question. I have infinite amounts of respect for his work and for him as a person. He’s dependable, positive, crazy intelligent, and immensely talented. I’m proud to call him my business partner and friend, and I hope he won’t forget me when he achieves his lifelong goal of supplanting Joe Eszterhas as Hollywood’s go-to guy for screenplays that center around beaver shots.

Learn more about Kyle and his ever-growing list of projects at Learn more about his band Super Mirage — and buy their brand new record at

The Interview Portion

1) Who are you and why are you here?
I’m one of the co-founders of Awkward Press, along with Clay McLeod Chapman and Jeffrey Dinsmore. Although the truth is, Jeff does the lion’s share of the work and Clay and I offer advice and help as we can. I usually end up feeling pretty guilty that I didn’t help out more, and tell myself I’ll help out more the next time around. But let’s face it, Jeffrey Dinsmore is the brains, heart and soul of this operation. I might be most accurately described as its right index finger. [Ed.'s note: Lies! Kyle is the true genius behind Awkward Press. Writers, if you ever need to sue anyone, SUE KYLE.] (more…)

The Awkward Movie Challenge: Showgirls

June 24, 2010 By: Category: Greatest Hits, The Awkward Movie Challenge


According to Netflix, Mike and Jeffrey agree with each other on movies 84% of the time. In their weekly feature, The Awkward Movie Challenge, they search valiantly for that sweet 16% that results in big arguments and big laughs.


The summer before my junior year at the University of Michigan, I got a job at Record Town in the Briarwood Mall. As record stores go, it was not one. We didn’t sell records. CDs and cassettes only. And cassingles, of course. Hahaha. Cassingles!

I recognized that it was a terrible store for anyone who liked music, but nonetheless, I felt like I’d finally hit the big time. Who wouldn’t want to work in a record store? I mean, working in a cool record store that was not in a mall would have been better, let’s face it. But it was still a bit of a dream come true. There weren’t a lot of real record fans shopping at the mall, though. The Jock Jams compilations did not leave our top 20 bestseller wall in the entire two years I worked there, and that is not hyperbole.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad about your crappy college job. So you worked in the caf, no big deal. Someone had to refill the soft serve machines. But there is a tie-in between Showgirls and Record Town. A few months before the film came out, we received a promotional video at the store featuring 20 minutes of unrated footage from the movie. Like an extended preview kind of thing. I took it home with me because no one else in the store gave a shit about Showgirls. Because no one in America gave a shit about Showgirls. Contrary to what you may have heard in Bible class, the country did not spend 1995 in the grips of Showgirls fever. (more…)