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The New Muppet Movie Is Unquestionably the Best Movie

May 24, 2011 By: Category: Movies

Man! Jason Segal, are you the luckiest man in America? Methinks! Not that you have no talent … you do! You wrote a frigging Muppet movie! But here is what you did to get that job: you talked a lot about how much you liked the Muppets, and how much you would like to write a movie for the Muppets. And then someone said, “that sounds like a good idea! Go do that.” And you did, and now it’s almost here, and it looks freaking awesome. Nicely played, Segal. If any studio executives are reading this post, please note that I really like Mummenschanz and would like to write a Mummenschanz musical. Just throwing it out there …

Seth MacFarlane Schools Sarah Palin

February 19, 2010 By: Category: News, Videos

I am not a Family Guy fan. Truthfully, I have not seen many episodes. But every time I watch it, I feel like most of the jokes are not really jokes, they are just references. I.E.:

Peter: I haven't felt this bad since we took acid and went to see Shields and Yarnell!
Flashback to Shields and Yarnell show. Shields and Yarnell perform their famous robot couple routine on stage. Peter and Lois stand up in the audience and begin removing their clothes.
Peter: It's people! Soylent Green is people!
Lois (screaming): You're no Mummenschanz!

But that being said … WELL PLAYED, SETH MACFARLANE.

Bonus videos: Please put your hands together for … Shields and Yarnell and Mummenschanz!