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A Special Note from the Very Publisher

September 10, 2009 By: Category: Politics

From the AP, by way of HuffPo:

The House’s guest chaplain, in the opening prayer for Thursday’s session, also appeared to refer to Wilson’s outburst. “Gracious God, we meet in a challenging moment of your history. We cannot control all that may endanger us, but we can choose our behavior and the example we set as leaders,” said The Very Rev. George L.W. Werner, dean emeritus of Trinity Cathedral in Pittsburgh.

“Very Reverend”? That’s an actual title? That’s the coolest actual title I’ve ever heard.

Also, what is it with Joe Wilsons and scandals? First Valerie Plame, and now “Shout-gate”? I’m beginning to think that “Joe Wilson” is just a made-up person the media throws out there anytime they need to spice up the news a bit. Fact: Joe Wilson and Joe Wilson have never been seen in the same room together. It’s true!