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More Awesome Things to Do in New York Where I No Longer Live

February 03, 2010 By: Category: Events

Let me just be straight about one thing: I do not regret moving away from New York. Los Angeles is the best. I mean, it’s not the best. There are other places all over the place that are better. But it’s almost always warm, the people are nice, and you’re never ever jammed up against a bunch of sweaty-smelling jerks on the subway trying to pretend like you don’t notice each other. For those reasons and others, I have a nicer way of life out here than I did when I lived in New York.

But so then why does New York have to be such a dick and keep doing cool things without me? The Debate Society, my favorite group of play-making people ever, have a new show coming out. And it sounds amazing. Just look:

You’re Welcome. from The Debate Society on Vimeo.

Before the Debate Society was the Debate Society, one of the founders, Oliver, directed and produced my Christmas spectacular, Christmas with the Flamingos. It was a miserable financial failure because I thought I could bring in way more people to see it than I actually did. My first draft of the play was unspeakably bad. I was supposed to have a co-writer but I didn’t want to relinquish control so I tossed out everything he wrote and he probably still hates my guts. I became obsessed with explaining tiny inconsistencies that no one in the audience would ever notice and one night I got stoned and came up with an incredibly complex explanation of something meaningless that I was baked-excited about and I called Oliver up to tell him about it and he patiently listened to my ramblings and explained, “I don’t think any of this matters to anyone.” (more…)

F.O.A. (Friends of Awkward) Announcement

July 08, 2009 By: Category: Friends

The Debate Society, Friends of Awkward and producers of the finest acts of absurdity known to man, have a new website. Enjoy.