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Liveblogging a Glass of Water Comment

July 22, 2009 By: Category: Greatest Hits, Site Notices

The other day, I did a piece where I liveblogged a glass of water. (Full disclosure: I really wanted to liveblog a sandwich, but I didn’t have a sandwich.) After I wrote the piece, I wanted to see how quickly Google registered stuff, so I googled “liveblogging a glass of water.” Lo and behold, there was another website with a post entitled “liveblogging a glass of water.” “This aggression will not stand!” I said, thinking that this person had grabbed my work whole cloth and stuck it on his or her own website. But when I clicked over, I learned that no, this person (Lula Lee, according to her profile) had not ripped me off … in fact, I had ripped her off! The original water liveblog had been posted almost one year ago!

Now, to be fair, our approaches to liveblogging water were slightly different. She was taking a look at the particles in her glass of tap water as they settled, while I was more interested in how delicious and refreshing water is. But, in case Lula ever comes across my article in a Google search, let me just say: you win. You were the first. I promise you I didn’t know it at the time, and I in no way meant to piggyback on your wonderful idea. May this post give you traffic behind your wildest dreams, even though you haven’t updated your blog since February.


PS: The Awkward Movie Challenge Week 3 is coming this afternoon! Get ready … this one’s a zarDOOZY!

Liveblogging a Glass of Water

July 20, 2009 By: Category: Experiments

Conclusion: This water really worked out well for me. It quenched my thirst, cooled me down, and even curbed my hunger. I may go for some more later. If you’re feeling thirsty, I highly recommend drinking water as an excellent alternative to gulping air or eating sand.

12:06 PM: Feeling on a roll, I decided to just go ahead and finish the thing. Exclusive pics of empty cup are in!

The Water (empty)

The Water (empty)

12:05 PM: Just returned from the bathroom. Feeling much better.

12:00 PM: Right as the morning turns to afternoon, I take my latest sip. Still going down easy. Beginning to feel the water in my bladder. One more drink to go, you guys! Let’s make it a great one!

11:46 AM: Third drink. This one was a little bigger than the others. 1/3 of a glass left to go.

11:41 AM: Second drink. It’s really quenching the thirst.

11:38 AM: First water pics are in! Exclusive!

The Water

The Water

11:36 AM: Take a drink. Refreshing!

11:35 AM: Acquire water from water cooler. The cooler makes a satisfying gurgling noise.