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Natalie Portman and the World Patrol Kids

February 10, 2011 By: Category: Site Notices, Videos

Ack! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I updated the blog! This is a true crime against humanity. I apologize deeply from the bottom of my soul to both of my readers. I’ve been busy updating the Story of the Day blog (which actually hasn’t been updated in 3 days, either) and taking care of a child and whatever the hell else it is I do with my time.

The Press is sort of in a holding pattern right now, anyway … our DVDs are going to finally be delivered on Wednesday, February 16th, and we’re waiting for that to happen before engaging in the next big publicity push. Be sure to buy your copy of Awkward Two right now so you can get the book + DVD combo the day they’re available!

The other big news is that the enhanced version of Awkward Two is now available for the Kindle app on your smart phone or other smart device. You can … and should … buy it right here.

Now, to the important part: Natalie Portman at age 12 as an adorable little Eco Warrior. Skip to 3:20 for the Portman action … but don’t skip the opening song, which is equally amazing.

World Patrol Kids from Eden Riegel on Vimeo.