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Temporarily Hiatusing

November 19, 2010 By: Category: News

Hi people! Just wanted to let you know that Awkward Press is on temporary hiatus while my wife and I are waiting around for our baby girl to be born. We have a few exciting pieces of Awkward news on the way, the kind of news that will make you want to invest in your own copy of Awkward Two immediately. Because BIG things are happening in Awkward world, and pretty soon, that little copy of Awkward Two is going to be the most valuable thing you own. I mean, because we’re all going to be famous and that little book will be worth a lot of money, not because our corporate overlords have decided ordinary Americans may no longer own expensive things. Although that’s true also.

But what’s with all this doomsday talk? I’ve got a baby on the way! Time to put on my optimist hat! And I promise we’ll be back with A) news, B) movie challenges, and C) Faith Projects to tickle and delight your senses soon!

And here’s a sweet video by Hot Chip that I just discovered while buying shoes.

1 Comments to “Temporarily Hiatusing”

  1. Don’t forget that ‘Heather’ is an awesome name for a baby. Or ‘Heath’ if it’s a boy.