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The Art of Library Science

September 03, 2009 By: Category: Friends, stories

From Matt:

Conversation just now at the library:

Matt: I’m looking for Anne Frank’s Diary.
Librarian: Is that the title of the book?
Matt: It’s actually called “Diary of a Girl.”
Librarian: And who is the author?
Matt: Um, Anne Frank.
Librarian: Is it a children’s book?
Matt: … Are you fucking with me?


3 Comments to “The Art of Library Science”

  1. I want more details about this, like where are you and was he/she fucking with you, and why are you somewhere where this librarian doesn’t know Anne Frank’s diary and other things… but my head is currently exploding with the pressure of too much incredulousness.

  2. I think that you can say just about anything to a librarian as long as you use a hushed voice.

  3. Thanks for the early morning laugh.