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The Awkward Movie Challenge Podcast Edition: Fright Night

October 15, 2010 By: Category: Podcasts

What could be better than reading the Awkward Movie Challenge? Why, listening to the Awkward Movie Challenge, of course! Celebrate Halloween by listening along as Mike Segretto & Jeffrey Dinsmore trash the beloved 1985 horror classic Fright Night. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire thing, at the very least, enjoy the first minute to hear Mike Segretto’s amazing “Awkward Movie Challenge” theme song.

Awkward Movie Challenge Podcast #1: Fright Night

Be forewarned: this is our first attempt at this whole podcasting thing. There are some clicks and pops and weird background noises that may be somewhat irritating. But we promise they aren’t omnipresent. And we’ll figure out how to fix them in subsequent podcasts.

2 Comments to “The Awkward Movie Challenge Podcast Edition: Fright Night”

  1. Counterpoint: You’ve both lost your goddamned minds.

    Yes, some of the effects don’t hold up well. That’s about your only valid point. Okay, and Charlie not knwoing how to kill a vampire. That was dumb too. Anyway, keep in mind this is a horror/*comedy*. Kitsch ahoy!

    Evil is one of the most interesting characters in 80′s horror. None of the choices Geoffreys made were safe and I love every one. To this day I will loudly proclaim “You’re so cool, Brewster!” when someone screws up. and Evil is a terribly sympathetic character. He’s a loser geek who is presented by Dandridge with the opportunity to finally have power. Jerry’s speech to him and the very fact he made Evil the offer is terribly touching. Evil’s death is sympathetic. Stephen Geoffreys is a sympathetic character as well. After a few crappy horror movies (in 976-EVIL he’s basically Evil Ed once again, by the by) he strayed into the seedy world of gay porn (you will never get over seeing Evil Ed sit on a cock, sadly). He has recently returned to indie horror.

    I love this goddamned movie and own it. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it. The sequel I love in the way I love Shock Treatment in comparison to Rocky Horror.

    Love the podcast.

    • Ha! Somehow I knew this one was going to get your goat. I appreciate the feedback, and I think you hit some good points. If you like Evil’s acting choices, then we’re just coming from two different places on that one.

      As for the special effects, I really don’t have a problem with bad special effects. I’d so much rather see a silly-looking monster than an almost-real looking CGI effect any day. My problem with the effects is that they linger on them at the expense of the story.

      And the comment that we should keep in mind that it’s a “horror/comedy” is similar to some of the responses we’ve seen on “The Lawnmower Man;” that is, that we don’t understand what kind of movie we’re watching. It’s not much of an argument. Mike and I have both seen our share of movies, and I think we’re able to recognize what genre we’re watching and still have legitimate critiques.

      Having said that, you’re still my boy.