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The Most Amazing Question on Yahoo Answers Ever

October 13, 2010 By: Category: How-to

I was just doing some research for a thing I’m writing in which I wanted to find out if you could legitimately cut through a pair of police handcuffs. So I Googled “how to cut through handcuffs,” and this is what came up:

I’m in deep trouble!!! I’m in handcuffs, have no key, and can’t go to the cops!! What can I do???

I was at a party tonight. There were somethings going on. I didn’t do anything illegal, but I’d say over half the people there did.

Well they had some crazy games going on. I didn’t play some of them because they wouldn’t apply to me (if you know what I mean)

But there was this one game that was going on for three hours, and it was only $5 to play. You are handcuffed in front of you (not behind your back). The cuffs are double locked so they won’t tighten, and it makes it pretty much impossible to pick.

There are two keys. One is kept behind, while the other is thrown somewhere across the basement. The goal is to find the key and free yourself. You have five minutes to find the key. If you find it, you get your $5 back plus another $5. But if you lose, you are freed (using the other key) to put on an orange prison uniform, then you are handcuffed behind your back for 1 hour.

Only one person didn’t find it, and like seven did, so I figured I would try. So they handcuffed me, double locked it, and threw the key. About a minute into it, someone yelled COPS! Everyone ran. I was kinda slow due to the lack of arm movement. I got outside and ran down the street with some people. I asked if they knew where the guy with the key was. They said he took off in his car; he’s long gone. So here I am still stuck in handcuffs that are impossible to pick. I definitely cannot go to the cops. My parents think I’m spedning the night at a friends, so I can’t be too loud. What do I do!!??
3 years ago
Additional Details
btw this took me like 30 mins to write cause its hard writing in cuffs.

But I wanted to make things clear so I don’t get bad answers or another question as an answer

3 years ago

I really hope this guy didn’t have to wait 3 years to get his answer.

2 Comments to “The Most Amazing Question on Yahoo Answers Ever”

  1. Wow, that doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with homework. I didn’t know people used Yahoo Answers for things other than cheating on homework.

  2. then how the fuck could he have typed this??